Puppy Madness!!

It is busy around here.  Rascal and Sky’s June 2010 litter are just reaching 7 weeks old.  The eight of them are a small troop of energy and joy.  It seems like yesterday that they were born.  They have been a joy to raise to this point.  We are fortunate to have designed a puppy/dog area at our Mountain Sky Ranch home that is making it relatively easy to raise this growing group.

We have been introducing the litter to new and different life advantures now every day.  We had them down at the ponds recently swimming (wading really) with the big dogs, and also down while a group was field training here at the Ranch.  They go on “walk abouts” with us daily as we take them over rocks, through brush, around new trees and bushes, and with different people and dogs.  There are four of us living here and playing with them every day, and probably at least two to three groups of visitors daily.

The puppies are remarkably similar in size and temperment.  They all love their people (us and anyone they see) and there is not a shy one or a “runty” one in the bunch.  They have relatively little color variation also.  One little girl is markedly darker than her siblings (we call her RJ – Rascal Junior) but the rest are probably going to be about their daddy’s color. 

They have been very healthy, and Rascal has been an amazing mother.  She is now being kept away from them to help her milk dry up, but she still whines and wants to be with them whenever we are with them.  She fastidiously cleaned up after them as long as we let her, and she loved and nurtured them.  We could not have asked for anything more.  Also, the puppies have been very healthy and we have only had one small injury (a little cut below na eye).  We are very blessed.  We would love to have you come and visit the group and we still have a few for sale, so check out their info on the litters section of the website, and tell your friends about them.


One of the females from the Rascal/Sky litter

Rascal and Sky’s puppies are reaching the age of leaving the nest, and are everything we hoped for and more. There are 5 girls and 3 boys. All are healthy, active and sociable dogs.

They are very similar in look and size.  There are no runts or obviously different looking puppies.  They are all curious and cuddly.  Come visit us and see them.